Kingdom of the Outlands Book of Ceremonies

Disclaimer and notice

This work constitutes the January 2014 edition of the Kingdom of the Outlands Book of Ceremonies. The ceremonies, policies, standard scroll texts, and requirements presented herein supersede those of any previous Outlands kingdom or principality handbook or text. This text may be reproduced without restrictions for use within the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Preface by the Gimlet Herald,

Maistre Louis-Philippe Mitouard, Pel, OL, Baron of the Court

The ceremonies of the Outlands cannot be said to have been authored by one or even a by a handful of heralds. Indeed, their origins stretch in some cases back to the first written ceremonies of the Kingdom of the West in AS 2. I can but hope to record some small fraction of the names of the known revisers and editors of this ceremonial known to me, and plead your forgiveness if your contribution to our great history remains anonymous. It has not been forgotten, I assure, for it lives on in the eyes and ears of all our citizens whenever our royalty holds court.


With that said, let me acknowledge the past work of Gimlet Heralds and heralds without portfolio who worked on ceremonies.