On award-giving in the Outlands,

by Mistress Matilda Seton

There is a lot for the Crown to keep track of when giving awards (ordering a scroll ahead of time, making sure the person is on site, having the appropriate regalia on hand, etc.), but it is the most joyous and refreshing duty of Their Majesties.  There are lots of great ways for the Crown to bestow an award.  Here are a few examples:

1.  The recipient is called up, the Crown expounds about their great worth, then tells them what award they are giving, then the scroll is read.

2.  The recipient is called up, the Crown says wonderful things without specifying award and then has the herald read the scroll.

3.  The recipient is called up, the Crown says wonderful things, then the members of the order present is called up. 

4.  The present members of the order are called up, then the recipient is called up.

5.  The recipient is called up, then the order sneaks up behind him/her.

Particular effort is taken to make the award special to each recipient, and heralds can provide special insight to the Crown to make it happen smoothly.  There are many things to be considered, like being aware of time constraints, whether the area around the thrones can bear having all the members of an order crowd around,  the candidate may be painfully shy, someone may desire their medallion or sash to be given to the new member, or a mentor or household might appreciate being close enough to hear.   A good herald will serve to enhance the wonderful experience.