Ceremony for giving an

Award of Arms



Herald:  Now let ______________________ come before Their Royal Majesties.


Crown:  Their Majesties offer personal words (before or after the scroll is read) about the recipient's worthiness of a noble title.


Herald:  Reads the scroll or text below:


Unto all who come by these letters do We, _________________ and ________________, King and Queen of the Outlands, send Greetings.

Whereas it has come to Our notice that through divers great efforts __________________ has considerably enriched Our realm, it is thus Our pleasure to recognize these achievements with an Award of Arms.  At this time We grant all rights and charge that the responsibilities of this rank continue to be met. 

We further charge [Lord/Lady _____________] to consult with Ourselves and Our Heralds to determine suitable and unique Arms, that you might bear these Arms throughout the Known World as a sign of your great merit.

Done by Our Hands on this ____ day of ___________, Anno Societatis ______, being _________ Gregorian.

_____________________, King   _____________________, Queen.



Herald:  For [Lord/Lady] _______________, HIP, HIP...... (3 cheers)


Recipient leaves the Royal Presence.