Ceremony for creating a

Duke and Duchess


Herald:  Now let ____________________ and ______________________ come before Their Majesties.


Named persons come forward and kneel, any attendants kneel to one side.


Herald:  May it please Your Majesties, Your loyal subject ________________________ won the Crown of this Kingdom through his skill and valor on the field of combat, and for the honor of his gentle lady __________________________.  They ruled for a second time with grace and dignity, striving ever to be just and honorable in all of their deeds, and to all of their subjects.  Through their efforts, they have earned the rank and title of Duke and Duchess.


On this occasion [of Your Coronation], ____________________ and ______________________ here stand before You to be invested in this high rank.


King:  We, ___________________________ and _______________________________, King and Queen of the Outlands, do recognize the great feats and deeds and the long standing service of this noble lord and lady and the justice of their claim.

His Majesty takes up the Duke's coronet, if there is one.


Therefore do We proclaim you, __________________________, Duke [and crown you with the coronet of your rank].


Her Majesty takes up the Duchess' coronet, if there is one, and presents it to the Duke.


Queen:  ______________________________, with your skill and valor on the field of combat, you brought your lady to the throne.  It is Our wish that you now bring to her the symbol of her estate.


Duke:  Thank you, it would be my honor.


Duke:  As it was my delight to win for you the Crown of the Outlands, so it is my joy to have you created a Duchess.

Places the coronet on her head.


King:  Arise, Your Graces!  Let the scrolls be read!


Herald:  Reads the scrolls, or text below:


We, ______________________ and ________________________, King and Queen of the Outlands, to all and singular send Greetings.

Whereas _____________________ has, [as a result of [his/her] great valor on the field of honor] [ through the valor of [his/her] champion], ruled twice as a [King/Queen] in this Realm,

We do this day acknowledge [him/her] a [Duke/Duchess].  we hereby affirm those Arms granted by Letters Patent by the College of Arms, to wit:  <BLAZON> for [Duke/Duchess} ______________'s sole and unique use throughout the lands of the Known World as a symbol of [his/her] high rank. 

By Our hands this __ day of _________, Anno Societatis _____, being ______ Gregorian.

______________________, King   _____________________, Queen



Herald:  For Duke _____________________ and Duchess ________________________, HIP, HIP... (3 cheers)


Herald:  You have Their Majesties' leave to depart.