Ceremony for admitting someone to the Order of the

Fallen Snow



Herald:  Now let _____________________________ come before Their Royal Majesties.

Crown:  Says personal words (before or after the scroll is read) about the person's exemplary skill in the art of portraying an honored warrior’s death upon the field.

Herald:  Reads the scroll or the text below:

We, ____ and _____, King and Queen of the Outlands, send greetings and pray you attend! To fight with honor and courage is not enough for some warriors. Whereas ___________________ has been recognized as one who has the ability to die well, it is Our pleasure to admit him/her into the Order of the Fallen Snow. Let all know there is no greater feat, than the ability to admit defeat, and in turn die to the best of one's ability. Our Kingdom shall always honor and remember the courage of _________in the face of death. He/She shall not be forgotten.

By our hand this ______ day of __________, Anno Societatis ______, being ______ in the common reckoning of years.

_____, King _____, Queen

Crown:  Presents the recipient with medallion (which could be done while the scroll is being read), and makes further comments, if any.

Herald:  For __________________, HIP, HIP...  (3 cheers)

Recipient leaves the Royal Presence.