Ceremony for swearing the

Oath of Fealty -

Landed Barons and Baronesses



Herald:  Their Royal Majesties now summon before them the Barons and Baronesses of <BARONIES>.

(Their Excellencies come forward and kneel.)


King:  Let Lightning, the Great Sword of State, be brought forward.

(The swordbearer hands Lightning to His Majesty, who holds it so Their Excellencies may support it.)


Barons and Baronesses: (with prompting from the herald)

This day do I render

homage and fealty for my lands.

I hereby swear to deal justly and honorably

with all of my subjects whatever their degree;

to protect my barony from harm

and to endeavor to rule my lands wisely

in the name of the Crown.

This do I swear,

upon the dignity of my Coronet,

upon Lightning,

and upon my honor.

So say I, __________________, Baron[ess] of __________________.


King:  Responds in his own words, or with the following:

We hear your oath,

and accept your fealty

and do pledge to you

that We will protect your lands

and defend your rights,

and those of Our subjects,

with all justice and honor.


His Majesty raises Lightning, then says:


You have held your baronies well, and thus it is Our pleasure to confirm you in your fiefs.


Herald:  You have Their Majesties' leave to depart.


King:  It would honor Us if you would join Us at our Court.