Ceremony for swearing

Oath of Fealty - Populace



Herald:  Their Royal Majesties now call all members of the populace of the Kingdom of the Outlands who wish to, and have not yet done so, to come forward and take the oath of fealty.


The Swordbearer hands Lightning to His Majesty, who holds it so the people can support it.


Oathtakers:  (prompted by the herald)

This day do I render

homage and fealty

to my Sovereign Lord and Lady,

_______________ and ________________

who will, from this day forward,

be my Liege Lord and Lady.

I will remain true in all ways,

serving them faithfully.

This do I swear upon my honor.

So say I, _________________________.


King:  Accepts their oaths of fealty in his own words or with the following:

We accept your homage and fealty

and pledge to you

that We will protect and defend you

with all justice and honor.


Herald:  You have Their Majesties' leave to depart.


His Majesty hands Lightning to the Swordbearer.