Ceremony for admitting someone to the

Order of the Iron Hart



Herald:  Their Royal Majesties command all Theigns of the Iron Hart to attend This Court and Company.

Theigns come forward, bow, and kneel, leaving an aisle.


Crown:  May speak personal words about a person's exceptional and diverse fighting skill, without naming them.


Herald:  The Crown now calls _________________ into Their Court.


Crown:  Speaks personal words to the recipient, before or after the scroll is read.


Herald:  Reads the scroll or text below:


We, _______________, by Right of Arms, King and _______________, by Grace and Courtesy, Queen of these fair Outlands, send due Commendations and Greetings to all gentles and nobles.

Equity wills and reason ordains that [men/women] virtuous and of noble courage, by their merits and good renown, be rewarded and distinguished by certain ensigns and demonstrations of honor, nobles and courtesy.  Thus others may, by their example endeavor to like feats of arms and works of virtue.

Wherefore We do publicly commend __________________ and hereby elevate and create [him/her], by Grand of Arms, a Thegn of the Iron Hart for [his/her] skill at arms and courage in battle.  We further grant [him/her] the right to bear the insignia of the order, to with: Vert, two stags combatant argent sustaining between them an axe argent hafted Or, a bordure engrailed Or.


Done by Our hand this ___ day of _________, Anno Societatis ______, being _____ Gregorian.

________________, King   _________________, Queen


Crown:  Presents the recipient with medallion (which could be done while the scroll is being read), and makes further comments, if any.


King:  Go now, and greet your fellow Theigns!


Herald:  For The Honorable [Lord/Lady] ____________, HIP, HIP... (3 Cheers)