Ceremony for creating a

Lady of the Rose



Herald:  Throughout History, roses have been used to symbolize many things.  Above all the rose is beautiful, delicate, and withall a queenly flower, and for all of its apparent fragility, it is a flower to be respected.


Her Majesty now calls all Ladies of the Rose to come before this court.


The Ladies of the Rose come forward and kneel.


If the lady who is to be admitted is not already there (i.e. this isn't being done as part of her being made a Countess), then the herald should call her forth:


Herald:  Now let Countess _______________________ come before Her Majesty.


Queen:  My lady Countess, I bid you welcome

and greet you as a new Lady of the Rose,

in recognition of which

I present you with a token of the Order.

Her Majesty gives a token to the recipient.


Be now as you have been before,

A model of honour and grace

To the people of this realm.


Go now and greet your peers.


The new Lady of the Rose rises.


Herald:  For Countess ___________________,  Newest companion of the Order of the Rose, HIP, HIP,....(3 cheers)


You have Their Majesties' leave to depart.