Ceremony for admitting someone to the Order of the

legion of gallantry




Herald:  Now let _____________________________ come before Their Royal Majesties.


Crown:  Says personal words about the person's exemplary courtesy.


Herald:  Reads the scroll or the text below:


Let it be known to all that We, ___________ and ______________, King and Queen of these fair Outlands send greetings.  Wherefore We, by Our own certain knowledge, are mindful that _____________ has long conducted himself in an honourable and courteous fashion, and in all ways has borne himself worthily, We are pleased to recognize him as a member of the Legion of Gallantry.  May [he/she] continue to conduct himself as befits the members of this Order, whose courtesy shines forth as a star in the heavens. 

In witness whereof have We set Our hands this ___ day of _____, A.S. ____, being ____ in the Common Era.

____________, King     ____________, Queen


Crown:  May present the recipient with a token of the order (which could be done while the scroll is being read), and makes further comments, if any.


Herald:  For __________________, HIP, HIP...  (3 cheers)


Recipient leaves the Royal Presence.