Ceremony for creating a

Master of Arms



The candidate and their entourage should assemble at the back of court.


Herald:  In days gone by, there existed many orders of knighthood which recognized the skill and honor of their members.  In the service of their King, and in the defense of the noble ideals of chivalry embodied in their Queen, did these orders achieve their exalted rank.


The Society created the Order of Chivalry, which consists equally of the Knights and Masters of Arms, to recognize outstanding martial achievement and the attainment of those qualities and abilities which are a mark of a Peer.


Members of the Order of Chivalry are mighty warriors, but they are also skilled in the arts, and have given of their time to the benefit of the common weal.  As such, they have been recognized as Peers of the Realm.


Their Majesties now call before them the Companions of the Order of Chivalry of the Outlands here assembled.


As an option, the members of the order may be called forward by name, in order of precedence, but this must be arranged in advance.


Members of the Order come forward and kneel, leaving an aisle.


Herald:  The Crown now calls __________________________ to come before this Court and Company.


Escorting Herald:  Your Majesties, Now before you comes _______________________________, <FULL AWARDS AND TITLES> who bears the arms, to wit: <BLAZON>


Their Majesties stand.


King:  _________________________, have you undertaken to accept admittance to the Order of Chivalry that was offered to you at _________________________.


Candidate:  I have.


King:  This greatly pleases us.


Queen:  Sir/Master/Mistress _______________________ (Chivalry representative), Master/Mistress ____________________, (Laurel representative), Master/Mistress ___________________, (Pelican representative),

<OPTIONAL> _______________________, (Royal Peer representative),

as members of the Peerage, do you now affirm that _______________________ has grown in gentle virtue and chivalrous grace, the hallmarks of a true and faithful Peer?


Chivalry Rep.:  Replies in their own fashion, or says:

May it please my Liege and Lady to know that having heard the counsel of my Peers, and from my own certain knowledge, I am able to affirm that __________________ is a chivalrous [gentleman/lady] whose achievements on the field of honor have been matched by [his/her] courtesy and concern for all of Your Majesties' subjects. 


Laurel Rep.:  Replies in their own fashion, or says:

Your Majesties, of my own certain knowledge I am able to affirm that _____________________ has demonstrated [his/her] abilities in the arts and encouraged their practice in Your Majesties' Kingdom.


Pelican Rep.:  Replies in their own fashion, or says:

Your Majesties, of my own certain knowledge I am able to affirm that _____________________ has given freely of [his/her] time in support of many worthy projects in Your Majesties' Kingdom.



Royal Peer Rep.:  Replies in their own fashion, or says:

Your Majesties, of my own certain knowledge I am able to affirm that ____________________ is a dutiful and loyal subject to Your Majesties' Crown.


King:  Gentle Peers, we thank you for your wise counsel.


Bring forth Lightning, the Great Sword of State.

Swordbearer hands Lighting to His Majesty, who holds it so Her Majesty and the Candidate can support it.


King:  ______________________________, you have been deemed fit for this high estate by your peers, and have indicated your willingness to accept this honor from Our hands.  Do you now swear by all that you hold sacred, true, and holy that you will honor and defend the Crown and Kingdom of the Outlands?


Candidate:  I will. 


Queen:  That you will honor, defend, and protect all ladies, and those weaker than yourself?


Candidate:  I will.


King:  That you will be courteous and honor your peers, of the Chivalry, and of the Laurel, and of the Pelican?


Candidate:  I will.


Queen:  That you will conduct yourself in all matters as befits a Peer, drawing your sword only for just cause?   That you will enshrine in your heart the noble ideals of Chivalry to the benefit of your own good name and the greater glory of the Outlands?


Candidate:  I will.  Or some more elaborate response.


King:  Then having sworn these solemn oaths, know now that We, _________________ and ___________________, by right of arms, King and Queen of the Outlands, do proclaim you to be a Master of Arms. 

His Majesty hands Lightning back to the swordbearer.


The white baldric is handed to Her Majesty.


Queen:  Accept this white baldric, symbolizing the purity of your honor, the sign of the Order of Chivalry, and of your high rank and station.


Her Majesty places the baldric over the shoulder of the new Master.


If there is a sword being presented, use the following:


King:  Accept this sword, which shall symbolize your prowess at arms.  Remember well:  that the sword of the Chivalry should be drawn only in defense of the realm, or of those weaker than yourself.  Wear it with care.  Wield it with mercy.


His Majesty presents the sword to the new Master, belts it on, etc.


If there are spurs, then use the following:


King:  Bring forth the spurs.


Spur-bearer:  In former times, chivalry rode forth to mete out justice in the name of the Crown.  Accept these spurs which symbolize your devotion to the high ideals of Chivalry and Justice.   Wear them honorably and proudly and may they never be hacked off in shame or degradation. 

Spurs are affixed to the Master's heels.


<<If the Master wishes to drink to the health of the Crown, it should be done here.>>


King:  Let the scroll be read!


Herald:  Reads the scroll or text below:


To all nobles and gentles to whom these present letters shall come.  _______________ and _______________, King and Queen of the Outlands, send greetings.

Whereas ______________________ has shown excellence in [his/her] feats on the field of honour, rendering high and noble service to the Crown and Kingdom in war and in peace,

We are minded to elevate [him/her] to the rank of [Master/Mistress] of Arms of the Society for Creative Anachronism.  we do hereby elevate and affirm those Arms previously granted by the College of Arms by these Letters Patent, to wit:  <BLAZON> which [Master/Mistress] _________________ shall hold for [his/her] sole and unique use throughout the Known World. 

To which We set Our hands this ___ day of ___________, Anno Societatis ____, being ______ Gregorian.

_______________, King   ______________, Queen


King:  Go now, and greet your Peers!


Herald:  For [Master/Mistress] _________________, HIP, HIP.....(3 cheers).