Oaths of Service for

Great Officers



Herald:† (donít name the ones that arenít here, or have already sworn this reign)

Now shall come before the thrones, the Great Officers of State:

The Seneschal of the Outlands, ____________________________

The White Stag Principal Herald, _________________________

The Earl Marshal, _______________________

The Minister of Arts and Sciences, _____________________________

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, ____________________________

The Chronicler, _________________________

The Chirurgeon, __________________________


King:† You have served the Outlands well

as true servants in counsel.

It is Our will to confirm you in your several offices,

if you will swear to serve Us well and faithfully.



This day do I swear to serve the Crown and Kingdom of the Outlands

to uphold the laws of this land,

and to render faithful service to Your Majesties

and to Your subjects, that the Outlands may prosper.

This do I swear upon this sword and upon my honor.

So say I, _______________________.


King:† We accept your oaths

and pledge to you that We will support your offices

and honor your service, as you minister in Our names.


Queen:† Be ever mindful that you serve us best

by serving the needs of our people.