Reaffirmation of Peerage Oaths



Herald:  Let all Peers of this kingdom who wish to reaffirm their Oaths of Peerage, come forward at this time.


Peers come forward and kneel.  Their Majesties hold Lightning so that the peers can support it.


Peers: In response to prompting from the herald:

This day do I swear to honor and defend

the Crown and Kingdom of the Outlands;

To continue my pursuit of excellence,

and to share my skills with others;

To honor my Peers,

and to conduct myself

as befits a Peer of this Realm.

This do I swear,

by my honor

and the high ideals which I hold as a Peer of this Realm.

So say I, ________________________.


King:  Accepts oaths with his own words, or the text below:

We accept your oath and pledge to you

that we will treat your orders

with all justice and honor.


Herald:  You have Their Majesties' leave to depart.