Ceremony for admitting someone to the

Order of the Sharparrow



Herald:  Their Royal Majesties command all Archers of the Iron Rain to attend This Court and Company.


Archers come forward, bow, and kneel, leaving an aisle.


Crown:  May speak personal words about a person's exceptional skill at archery, without naming them.


Herald:  The Crown now calls _____________________ into Their Court.


Crown:  Speaks personal words to the recipient, before or after the scroll is read.


Herald:  Reads the scroll or text below:


Heralds shall proclaim unto all that We, ________________ and ______________, King and Queen of the Outlands send Greetings.

Among the warriors of the Outlands are those whose exceptional skill with the bow can fill the sky with a deadly Rain of Iron.  It is Our will that those of Our subjects who excel in the art of archery be recognized for their achievements and for their contribution to the glory and might of the Outlands.

Thus do we take and admit _____________________, by Grant of Arms, to the Order of Sharparrow, for [his/her] outstanding ability as an archer.  [He/She] shall have all rights and privileges of this rank, and is hereby granted the right to bear the insignia of the order, to wit:  Vert, on a pale argent endorsed Or a fire arrow sable fletched vert enflamed gules.

In witness whereof, We set Our hands this ___ day of ___________, in the ______ year of the Society, being ______ Gregorian.

_________________, King   _________________, Queen.



King:  Go now, and greet your fellow companions!


Herald:  For The Honorable [Lord/Lady] ____________, HIP, HIP... (3 Cheers)