Ceremony for admitting someone to the Order of the

silver tyne



Herald:  Now let _____________ come before Their Royal Majesties.


Crown:  Says personal words about the person's Skill in Rapier Combat, before or after the scroll is read.


Herald:  Reads the scroll or text below:


Let it be known unto all to whom these present letters shall come that We ____________ and ____________, King and Queen of the fair and glorious Outlands send greetings. 

Having heard much good of Our servant ____________ who has distinguished [himself/herself] by [his/her] great skill with the rapier and divers acts of courtesy, We are minded this day to create [him/her] as a Defender of the Silver Tyne as a sign of [his/her] great worth.  [He/She] shall receive all honors and privileges as are conveyed by this rank, including the right to bear the badge of the order, to wit:  Vert, a stag's attire palewise argent, a bordure embattled Or.

In testimony whereof We have set Our hands this ____ day of ________, Anno Societatis ______, being _______ in the common reckoning of years.

_____________, King

_____________, Queen


Crown:  Presents the recipient with the sash *** (which could be done while the scroll is being read), and makes further comments, if any.


Herald:  For __________________, HIP, HIP...  (3 cheers)


Recipient leaves the Royal Presence.


***The Crown may know that a current Silver Tyne desires to give their sash to the recipient, and may call them forward to do so.***