Ceremony for

Transferring a Kingdom Office



Herald:  Your Majesties, ________________________, Your Kingdom ___________________(name of office) has business before You.


Crown:  Let [him/her] come before Us.

Person comes forward and kneels.


Outgoing Officer:  Your Majesties, I have had the honor to serve as _________________ (office) to ____ Crowns of Your Kingdom:

_____________ and ______________,

_____________ and ______________,


But the time has come that I must lay aside the burdens of my office. 


King:  Thanks the officer in His own words or with the following:

We thank you for your time of service, and it is with deep regret that We accept your resignation.


Queen:  Who shall you present to this court as your successor in this office?


Outgoing Officer:  May it please Your Majesties, I would present __________________________ .


King:  Call [him/her] forward.


Herald:  Now let _______________________ come before Their Majesties.

Incoming officer comes forward and kneels.


Outgoing Officer:  Your Majesties, I present before you ________________, who I recommend to conduct the affairs of this office in Your Majesties' service.


King:  _____________________, are you now fully resolved to accept the duties and responsibilities of the office of __________________ in Our Realm?


Incoming Officer:  I am.


Queen:  And will you now take the Oath of Service, as an officer of Our Kingdom?


Incoming Officer:  I will.


King:  Let Lightning be brought forward.

(Swordbearer hands Lightning to His Majesty, who holds it so the Incoming Officer can support it.)


Officer: (with prompting from the herald)

This day do I swear

to serve the Kingdom of the Outlands.

I pledge to do my duties by our laws,

and I will strive to render

faithful counsel to the Crown of the Outlands.

So say I, __________________.


King:  Accepts the oath in His own words, or with the following:

We accept your oath of service

and pledge to you

that We will protect and defend you

with all justice and honor.


Queen:  Be ever mindful that you serve Our Kingdom best by serving the needs of all her people.


King:  Having heard your solemn oath,

We, _________________ and _________________,

King and Queen of the Outlands,

hereby name you, _______________________

as Our Kingdom ____________________. (office)

His Majesty returns Lightning to the swordbearer.


(Investing of regalia, if any, goes here).


King:  Arise _________________.



Optional reading of the warrant:

Herald:  Reads actual warrant or the text below.

Be it known to all that by these presents that <MUNDANE NAME>____________________,

known in the Society for Creative Anachronism, Incorporated as <SCA NAME> _____________________ is hereby appointed as <OFFICE> _____________________ for the period of <TERM OF OFFICE> __________________ or until <DATE>______________.

This warrant shall become effective upon <DATE>__________________ and supersedes any existing or previous warrant for this office.

___________________, King   ___________________, Queen



Herald:  For ____________________, the outgoing and _________________ the incoming ____________________, HIP, HIP.... (3 cheers).


You have Their Majesties' leave to depart.