Ceremony for Transferring the

White Stag Principal Herald Office



Herald:  Your Majesties, ____________________________, White Stag Principal Herald of your Kingdom has business before You.


King:  Let him come before us.

White Stag comes forward and kneels.


White Stag:  Your Majesties, I have had the honor to serve as White Stag Principal Herald to some of your predecessors: (White Stag lists the Crowns he/she served)  But time has come that I must lay aside the burdens of my office.


King:  (Thanks White Stag with his own words or with the following:)  We thank you for your time of service, and it is with deep regret that We accept your resignation.  Who shall you present to this court as your successor in this office?


White Stag:  May it please Your Majesties, I would present _________________.


King:  Call him forward.


Herald:  Now let ______________________ come before Their Majesties.


NewHerald comes forward and kneels


White Stag:  Your Majesties, I present before you _____________________, who is prepared to conduct the affairs of this office in Your Majesties' service.


King:  _______________, are you now fully resolved to accept the duties and responsibilities of the position of White Stag Principal Herald in Our Realm?


New Herald:  I am.


Queen:  And will you now take the oath of service, as an officer or Our Kingdom?


New Herald:  I will.


King:  Let Lightning, the Great Sword of State of the Outlands, be brought forward.

(swordbearer hands the sword to His Majesty, New Herald supports it.)


(Herald prompts)

New Herald:  This day do I swear

to serve the Kingdom of the Outlands.

I pledge to do my duties by our laws,

and will strive to render faithful counsel

to the Crown of the Outlands.

So say I, __________________.


King:  We accept your oath of service and pledge to you that We will protect and defend you will all justice and honor.


Queen:  Be ever mindful that you serve Our Kingdom best by serving the needs of all her people.

 (His Majesty returns the Lightning to the swordbearer.)


King:  Having heard your solemn oath, We, _______________ and ________________, King and Queen of the Outlands, hereby name you, _________________________ as White Stag Principal Herald of the Outlands.


Queen:  Let _____________ be invested with the regalia of his new office.


(Old W.S. rises and removes the tabard of office and holds it above the head of New W.S.)


Old White Stag:  The tabard is the armor of a herald, for it bears the arms of his office, and of the Crown who he serves, and who shall stand surety for his estate.


Accept this tabard of green and gold emblazoned with a proud and solitary silver stag that all may know that it is the Crown of the Outland that you serve.


(Tabard is placed on New W.S..)

(Old W.S. takes the White Stag's Mazer and pours a small amount of liquid onto New W.S.'s head, then presents the Mazer to him, saying:)


Old White Stag:  With this, ever drink to the health of the Crown, and pass it on, as it has passed from

Keridwen of Montrose, unto

Erasimierz Waspanieski, unto

Saerlaith L'Estrangere, unto

Mark Lasie of Westminster, unto

Louis-Philippe Mitouard, unto

Fiachra ni Ciardhubhain, unto

Karl von Schattenburg, unto

Artan Mac Ailin, unto

Pendar the Bard, unto

Timothy O'Brien unto

me, and from me unto you.


(New W.S. may need to wipe away the liquid running down his face, then stands.)


Old White Stag:  The white rod of a herald is his especial symbol of authority, in times of War, his guarantee of safe passage.  Bear it proudly upon the Crown's business in the certain knowledge of Their abiding trust. 

(The rod is presented to New W.S.)


Old White Stag:  The Seal of a Herald is used to make his mark, verifying his words as his own.  Impress your signet next to your wise and truthful counsel.

(The seal is presented to New W.S.)


------optional part-------

(If desired by the Crown, the new officer's warrant may be read here.  If no actual warrant is available, use the following text.)


Herald:  Be it known to all by the presents that <new W.S.'s real name>_______________, known in the Society for Creative Anachronism, Incorporated as __________________ is hereby appointed as White Stag Principal Herald for the Kingdom of the Outlands until <date ending>______________  This warrant shall become effective upon <date beginning>____________ and supersedes any existing or previous warrant for this office. 

_________________ King, _______________, Queen.



Herald:  For _________________ the Outgoing White Stag, and for ____________________, the new White Stag Principal Herald of the Outlands, HIP, HIP.... (3 cheers)


You have Their Majesties' leave to depart.