Ceremony for admitting someone to the Order of the

venerable guard


If available, the herald should have a full list of the recipient's titles and awards.


Herald:        Now let _____________________________ (reads full titles and awards) come before Their Royal Majesties.


Crown:         Says personal words about the person having been a Steadfast Fighter for at least 15 years, before or after the scroll is read.


Herald:        Reads the scroll or the text below *** :


We, ____________________ and ____________________, King and Queen of the Outlands send greetings unto all to whom these present letters shall come.  Know ye that whereas We are bound to make satisfaction to those who have spent all the years of their youth in Our services {and those of Our Royal Cousins in distant lands,} and much more are We bound to reward those who have obediently and liberally expended not only years but their very bodies, often bloody with wounds, in the wars of Our predecessors and in Our own, with no small sweat of labor, until their old age, according to their merits.

We therefore, weighing with due consideration the assiduous probity of Our very dear and trusty ____________, sufficiently proved until [his/her] old age in the wars aforesaid in body, not only sweating, but oftentimes read with the shedding of blood, do ordain, prefer and create _____________ a Companion of the Venerable Guard, together with the style, title and honor due to the same.

To which We set Our hands this ____ day of ______, Anno Societatis _____, being _____ Gregorian.

____________, King      ____________, Queen


Crown:         Presents the recipient with medallion (which could be done while the scroll is being read), and makes further comments, if any.


Herald:        For __________________, HIP, HIP...  (3 cheers)


Recipient leaves the Royal Presence.


***This scroll text was taken from Letters Patent creating John, Earl of Shrewsbury, and Earl of Waterford, in the reign of Henry VI, 1446.