Ceremony for making someone a

Defender of the White Scarf


Herald:  Their Royal Majesties command that all Defenders of the White Scarf attend Them at this time. 

White Scarves come forward, bow, and kneel, leaving an aisle.


Crown:  May speak personal words to the populace of the mighty deeds and great service of a rapier fighter, without naming them.


Herald: The Crown now calls ____________________________ into their court.


Crown:  Speaks personal words to the recipient.


Herald:  Reads the Scroll or the text below:


We, ___________________ and ________________________, King and Queen of the Outlands unto all to whom these preesent letter shall come, Greetings.

Being mindful of the great skill with which [he/she] wields the rapier's flashing blade, and also of the exemplary courtesy shown, both on the field and off, by Our subject, ____________________, and willingthat [his/her] person should be honored as required by [his/her] desserts and very valiant deeds,

We do therefore this day prefer and create [him/her] as a Defender fo the Whit eScarf of the Outlands.  From this day forth, [he/she] shall be styled [Don/Dona] in recognition of [his/her] achievements.  We herby elevate and affirm the following Arms, by Grand of Arms: <BLAZON>, to be borne by [Don/Dona] _______________ and none other as a sign of the esteem in which We hold [him/her].  We further grant [him/her] the right to bear the insignia of this rank, to wit:  Sable, on a pale argent between two rapiers proper, a stag's antler vert.

To which We set our hands this _______ day of _______________, Anno Societatis ______, being _____________ Gregorian.

______________________, King   _______________________, Queen


Queen:  [Don/Dona] ___________________, I charge you now to be an exemplar of chivalry, courtesy and duty for all of our subjects.

Her Majesty pins the baby white scarf (or other scarf) on the shoulder of the recipient, or ties it to their upper arm.


Herald:  For [Don/Dona] _______________, HIP, HIP....(3 cheers).